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Dear Valued Client,                                     

Thank you for giving CISCO, Inc. the opportunity to service your collection needs. Our entire staff wants to know, “How are we doing?” We would appreciate if you would take a few moments and give us your comments. Your evaluation is as important to us as your business and no one can better judge our performance than you!


CISCO, Inc. 

1) Are we providing you and your staff with informative reports regarding the status of each account assigned?
2) Are we providing our status reports timely?
3) Are you able to reach the desired party at Cisco without difficulty?
4) How do you rate our collection staff's capabilities?
5) How do you rate our overall collection recovery?
6) Do you utilize our Web Portal?
7) If so how often?
8) Do you feel you receive the information from our Web Portal you are looking for?
9) Would you be interested in receiving more training on utilizing our Web Portal?
10) How would you rate our Web Portal overall?
11) How would you rate Cisco's overall level of service?
Please give us any additional comments regarding our services and how we can improve.

Phone: 800-231-3686
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